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Treat your Bunny like a Star! with Hollywood Rabbits Feed.

Show Quality Rabbit feed.

Our feed has PAPAIN ENZYME which is a hair ball dissolving enzyme to help keep your bunny happy and healthy!

Pellet form in 9 lbs. bag.


Treat your Bunny like a Star! with Hollywood Rabbits Feed.

Show Quality Rabbit feed.

Our feed has PAPAIN ENZYME which is a hair ball dissolving enzyme to help keep your bunny happy and healthy!

Pellet form in 36 lbs. bag.


2.5 lbs Thimothy Hay


Clean and protect your Bunnies ears with Hollywood Rabbits Miracle Ear Mite Treatment.

 Hollywood Rabbits - Welcome!
Hollywood Rabbits - Welcome!

.Based out of Riverside, California, we are a premier breeder of Holland Lop rabbits. My name is Claudette my husband and I own The Hollywood Rabbits; Rabbitry. I love Rabbits and I am dedicated to raising the best bunnies that I can. This all started as a 4H project for my granddaughter.  At our Rabbitry we are focusing on raising the rare colored Holland Lops bunnies including Blue eyed whites and tri colors. Holland Lops are the smallest breed of lop-eared dwarf rabbits weighing between 2-4 pounds full grown. Holland lops were originally created by combining Netherland Dwarfs, French Lops and Mini Lops. Their compact size and floppy, lopped ears are among their most distinguishing attributes. However, their sweet temperament and friendly, inquisitive nature are what make them ideal pets. We take pride in breeding the finest quality show bunnies in these colors: Blue Eyed Whites, Tri's, Tort-blacks, Tort-blues, Creams, Fawn, Blacks, Oranges and Broken' s of all these colors. All Breeding's are done selectively to achieve the highest quality of bunnies we can create. If you are looking for a top notch show bunny you have found the right website. We do also occasionally have pet bunnies for sale also. Please visit our for sale page to see what we have currently available. All our rabbits have a pedigree but bunnies purchased as pets will come with a pedigree too. Remember you get what you pay for and our bunnies are not cheap. Our rare colored Brood and Breeding stock bunnies are $250.00. We do offer a 60 day health guarantee and warranty. All bunnies we sell also guarantee them to be free of any teeth problems from the moment they transition from us to you.

All Bunnies come with a care starter pack that includes, lap cushion, 5lbs of pellets, bag of Timothy hay, clippers for nails, mineral and salt block and a block wood to chew.

We are a member of the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association).  All Rabbits we sale are available for pick up between 8 and 12 weeks. By law they can not leave before 8 weeks. Feel Free to contact us to purchase your bunny today.

We do appoligize but we are no longer shipping bunnies.

We are proud to say that many of our Rabbit genetics come from Wrens Sweetheart Bunnies.

Feel free to visit this link

Our Bunny Starter Kit...

-5lbs pellets

-Lap Cushion 

-Bag of Timothy Hay

-Nail Clippers

-Mineral/Salt Block

- Block of Wood for Chewing

-Instruction Booklet

Fall time brings Christmas Babies!

Coming soon, 41 doe's are due to give birth this month just in time for Christmas. Keep an eye out for our beautiul babies. We will be posting pictures as soon as they arrive

Hollywood Rabbits is now taking orders with no money down, offer good for christmas purchases.

BunnyVac is USDA licensed for prevention of Pasteurella infection in rabbits, Hollywood Rabbitry is Proud to announce that our herd has been vaccinated

Clinical trials have shown BunnyVac to be effective in preventing death and limiting disease due to Pasteurella in rabbits

Field Safety studies have shown BunnyVac to be safe for use in rabbits BUNNYVAC is available in 20 dose and 50 dose vials.

Remember to Vote This November!

Claudette is loving the bunnies through the Halloween season and preparing for Christmas!

Claudette's son, assisting in the sales and technical aspect of the rabbitry.
I feel that the Holland Lops are a very unique and fun rabbit. Assisting my mom & dad is something i enjoy as well find very rewarding, working with clients as well with the bunnies. All sales and pricing can be found on the web site.
Please feel free to contact us via email or call us.
Phone: 909-241-2004 (cell)  or 951-351-4333 (home) Claudette
          951-529-4752 Michael

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Holland Lops 4 Sale

Phone: 951-529-4752 (call or txt)

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